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The secret to yoga

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

The secret to yoga is that there is no secret. You don't need to be able to touch your toes. You don't need to do the splits. You don't need to balance on your head. And you definitely don't need to walk on your hands. Our Activ Life yogi, Louise FitzRoy, explains why yoga is for everyone.

"You won't know unless you give it a go." I have been seriously contemplating wearing a top bearing this slogan to my yoga classes.

I have been approached countless times before class by people, with a worried looks on their faces, to let me know that they are not flexible. What is deemed "flexible" anyway?

Imagine my student's surprise when the yoga teacher has to bend her knees to touch her toes! An avid outdoors girl, I grew up playing sport: touch football, tennis, hockey, athletics, softball, basketball... without the stretching. Why? Because I never found a technique or method of stretching that I enjoyed and felt achieved results.

Over 10 years ago I walked into a yoga studio for the first time. The next day I applied to study an Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching. I never looked back.

The cool thing about yoga (studio yoga, beach yoga, private yoga, corporate yoga) is that it can be adapted and modified to suit everyone's needs and objectives. Whether it's to improve posture, release lower back pain, clear the mind, relieve sciatic pain or walk on your hands from one side of the room to the other - everyone can gain from a class and everyone has different goals in mind. You could have your legs up the wall and the person on the mat next to you could be in a headstand. You are both getting the same benefits from an inversion.

Don't let the term "inflexible" stand in the way of your yoga mat.

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