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Sharing the IG love

Let me help you maximise those hours you spend scrolling through Instagram.

Yoga and wellness are very visual markets and so here are my seven go-to Instagram friends who have so much to offer on the wellbeing front.

  1. @stretching_bliss: What would this list be without my trusty sidekick, Miranda. Miranda joined the Activ Life team in 2020; evident in the change in background of her posts from indoor studios to beat the cold Ohio winters, to the bright ocean blues of the Caribbean Sea. If you're looking a twist on the traditional yoga poses, Miranda's feed is packed with fun, challenging and rewarding yoga poses definitely worth exploring. While you're there, tag @stretching_bliss as I'm sure she'd love to see what shapes you create.

  2. @jenni_rawlings: Speaking of creative yoga poses and sequences, Jenni's account is packed with insightful yoga anatomy and movement science tips that I guarantee will blow your mind!

  3. @amandabisk: A firm favourite, Amanda is a former Aussie pole vaulter, a qualified exercise physiologist, elite athletics coach, and yoga and Pilates teacher. I love her "beat workouts" synced to some groovy tunes to make your next workout less painful.

  4. @helena.reynolds.pilates: One of the best Pilates teachers I know, Helena's anatomical knowledge will leave you speechless. Her passion for movement combined with love for life and hilarious conversation will no doubt push Helena into your top 10 Instagram influencers as well. Don't be surprised if she throws in a hula hoop occasionally.

  5. @bohobeautifullife: Juliana and Mark are two digital yogi nomads living their best life, filming yoga classes in the most picturesque locations around the world - cue Activ Life in the Caribbean. There's a reason why they have over two million YouTube subscribers.

  6. @lara.heimann: Explore yoga from a physical therapist's perspective. Lara breaks down each yoga pose down to the bare core so you can see how each movement works to benefit both body and mind.

  7. @rachael_finch: From natural perfumes and oils, to a collagen line, wellness program and activewear range, Rachael encompasses what it means to live an "activ life"!

Oh, and did I mention @theactivlife?

Of course there are countless other wellness warriors I could mention here, but for now, I leave these ones with you to digest.

Louise FitzRoy is the Principal of Activ Life, a leading health and wellness company based in the Cayman Islands. If you enjoyed this article you may also like: How can I keep up a regular yoga practise? and Why do you practise yoga?


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