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Louise FitzRoy

Principal & Founder + Yoga Instructor 

Louise FitzRoy has been practising and teaching yoga for over a decade in Australia and the Cayman Islands. In 2009, she received her Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching at the Australian Yoga Academy in Melbourne and began teaching several styles of yoga including Ashtanga, Power Flow, Vinyasa Flow and Iyengar. Louise has instructed yoga to professional athletes including the Australian Football League and the Australian Soccer A-League to assist with injury prevention and recovery. Louise has been instructing group and private yoga classes in Grand Cayman since 2016. She has taught at the former Beach Suites, Kimpton Seafire, WaterColours, Tiki Beach, Coral Stone, Energy, Cayman Yoga Club, BritCay, CUC, Harbour Place, Maples, Appleby and Walkers, among other places for various clientele. Louise is an experienced stand up paddleboard yoga instructor, and local food and sustainability ambassador. She has been invited to present yoga demonstrations at events in Grand Cayman including the Cayman Islands Fitness Palooza held at the Cayman International School, as well as speak at the Cayman Islands Healthcare Conference.

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